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it says bad it no safe a waht do ples halp

I love the idea of the game, went for a speedrun attempt after 2 playthroughs! 

Mind you, I had the 'RONA while recording, that's why my voice is extra hot :D


came to play it after Markiplier did, just in case he missed some sort of jumpscare by not investigating each noise, but was surprised in the end regardless. great atmosphere!

Good eerie unsetteling game of making noodles late at night! Good job!

Hey, jeu vraiment sympa ! Venez voir ma video dessus :)

I love noodles and now I am paranoid and look over my shoulder everytime I make my ramen.  🍜

Good recipe =D


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Top Ramen Solos no diff. 🤷‍♂️ 10/10 game bruu.

Great game

I liked your game. Not to say that she is very scary, but she keeps in some tension. Now I will be careful to cook noodles.

I will be glad to subscribe to my channelヾ(^▽^*)))


i made some noodles but its not scary

Great game. I was kind of expecting more horror elements in the game ngl but it was still fun to play

The gameplay starts at 00:17

Okay there's lots of funny things to say but they wouldn't be with you they'd be against you so I will refrain. Obviously this was a school project but I've honestly seen better homes built in Roblox games and there was a complete and utter lack of anything scary. A few blackouts that instantly end a guy magically appearing and disappearing in the basement and a vixen screech coming from upstairs doesn't exactly rattle me to my bones. It played good at least and it was indeed a real horror noodles so not terrible keep goin at it. (Avoid if you're scared of horror noodles you will die.)

play (Don't open your eyes on if you dont get scared then you have got serious guts


Playing this game was probably the most terrifying experience I've been through. The story is great, and the ending is unbeatable.


Fun to play, but I confess that I was expecting more horror. (Pt-BR)

I particularly enjoyed speed running once the danger had passed. Fun game!

AlI can say is Noodlez...


cool game quite scary  also i love romen noodles

Jogo muito divertido, senti medo algumas vezes, bem divertido

how to open door?

Very interesting game! I enjoyed it nonetheless. Here's my play through of it for anyone wanting to watch it:

esse jogo é legal👍

that mysterious man went missing like "poff"

Cool game indeed.  Game here: 

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I made a video on this game (16:35)

this game is literally what my head wants me to believe is gonna happen when i want late night snacks

It's scary, because it's true.

I never thought making a delicious snack would be so horrifying... game play starts at 03:50

Noodles to die for 

Really good and had an interesting story!

(1st game)


Cool Game

the game was good, i liked the graphics but i did many scares and i think there's more to this game i did go back to check but i didn't find anything

My best time is 46.115 : ))))

This game was fun and I questioned everything. Why was my character seeing things and why in the world was he putting whole sausages in his noodles??? The ending disappointed me but maybe there is some secrets I don't know about...? 

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