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Hey! I just played your game, and gotta say, that was a weird, fun experience! Who knew that making noodles at night could be so complicated hahaha! Keep up the good work!


This game made me too thirsty that i died

Noodle Poweeeeeer!!!

Fun short little horror game! Enjoyed  messing around and would risk my life for noodles anytime!

my full gameplay

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This game is so cool,fun to play.
But it's really short :D
Nice work.

Nice Work =)


thog dont care about noodle game

This was really cool, but Really Short! I did enjoy it, but i would like to know more about the background of this story, But it was cool for a small project, would like to see more added on, I would play again! I did this on my Youtube channel, on my new Series called Itch.ios!

Would have liked a bit more happening but for a project it was very well made... :)

The scene at the basement really got me!!..But to be honest i was expecting a bit more to happen but still it was fun!

I had fun especially after realizing

I PASSED THE SPICES THE WHOLE TIME! XD. How did I miss it?! I have no clue haha. But this was fun! I liked it! ^o^

Hahahahahahaha it’s amazing how much this got to me. The ambience was just *chefs kiss*

second game 

3 Scary Games #4

Very simple, yet well made game. I had a ton of fun playing through it!

 game F
:D game FUN thank you

A horror game about making ramen noodles... amazing!

It was not as scary as I expected. There weren't many jumpscares but I think my fear of a jumpscare scared me more. Cool game tho !

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fun game


fun short game imo need more scary moments but enjoyed the anticipation and idea layout

(2nd game) the most comically driven game in this video, i thoroughly enjoyed it!

I loved that game tbh!

Bruh this is a awesome horror game. Got scared a lot in this vid. Enjoy :D

how to open doors-

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That was a totally normal game about makin some noodles.


This was amazingly terrifying. It had me jumping out of my skin every time I heard a noise. Make more please.


What are you talking about? I completed it quickly and only noticed 1 scare... I feel like I'm missing something... also to ,mention i didn't find the noodles until my noodles were almost done

I liked this game, I hope you make more like it.

Loved the game, about died of laughter at the end xD did not see it coming! Keep up the amazing work and left a follow!


Enjoyed the game but was so disappointed at the end XD. Would love to see more!

The person below me deleted their own post.

a simple little game, i liek

This game was really cool. Some of the gameplay was funny, some parts scary, but all of it was enjoyable. I only played through the game once, however, I am intrigued by the timer that lets you keep track of speedrun times. There weren't many scares, but I was genuinely spooked by the first one. Check out my full playthrough and reaction if you want. Keep up the good work. :)

HAHAHAHAHA! Those were some good noodles, thanks for the views if you click and support. Start time 11:07

Awesome Horror Game, Nice 4 THUMBS!!!

Hey! I wrote a review about your game (English is not my dominant language so expect errors):

Pretty fun game, It was the little things that were scaring me 

Was a fun little game, may need bigger text though, game no.2 in this video.
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